iCan’t Buy Any Other Phone

Think back to 2007. Do you remember the days of the grey and black, rounded back, 2 megapixel iPhone that was offered exclusively on Cingular Wireless? I sure do. Christmas 2007 was an unforgettable occasion for me as I was among the first of my friends to replace a mundane flip phone with the gift at the top of everyone’s list: the iPhone. And now, more than six years and four models later, iCan’t buy any other phone!

ImageWhen I am eligible for a phone upgrade, I head to the AT&T store just to peruse  the latest phone options, but before I even step foot in the door,I have already made up my mind. Salespeople have tried to sell me nearly every other product, though I always leave with the same device, just a new model. I have witnessed the transformation of iPhone hardware and software. Over the past six years I’ve enjoyed the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4 and now the iPhone 5S with its revolutionary fingerprint scanner.

If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, I suggest you do what has made me happy for nearly one-third of my life, and purchase an iPhone. I am an iPhone user through and through, and firmly believe it is the cell phone people should be using today. It is popular around the world and very user friendly.


Though other devices are appealing, the iPhone continually rises above the competition with its innovative features, performance and design. Even the closest competitors fall short with their attempts at innovation. The most common marketing trend I’ve heard from iPhone’s distant is how their phones offer bigger touchscreen displays.  Thought this might sound beneficial in theory, it is not practical as it hardly fits in a jeans pocket or small purse. How much bigger do you need? Whereas those other phones take two hands to manage, the iPhone fits perfectly into my palm and my favorite accessories

4 iphone tilesAs I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to appreciate the features that make iPhone so unique. To help balance my school, work and extra curricular schedule, the calendar feature conveniently syncs all my Apple devices with my online Google calendar. Also, iMessage makes communications with friends and family so much easier. iMessage allows me to talk to any iPhone user (so almost everyone I know) for free over Wi-fi. I can just as easily talk to my mom at home or my best friend, Morgan, who recently moved to Switzerland. Other devices do not offer such user-friendly and free methods of instant communication. Lastly, the incredible front and back facing cameras allow me to take professional quality and selfies that would make Barack Obama green with envy.

Apple and its products continue to design products that make our lives easier and provide us with an enjoyable user experience. I am very happy with my current iPhone 5s and its performance, but I’m sure the Apple team up in Cupertino is already onto the iPhone 7 or 8. I’m not sure if I’ll be camped out in front of the Apple store the night before the new phone is released, but I can say that I will continue to be an iPhone user for the next third of my life, too.