The Greenest Rose Parade Yet

If you’ve ever been to the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, then you’ve seen the beautiful flower-covered floats, but have you ever thought about all the work that goes into prepping the floats, the city and the five-mile Parade Route?

Growing up in Pasadena, I’ve been able to witness the transformation the city goes through to prepare for January 1st when the world’s eyes are on Pasadena. It seems like it’s just after Thanksgiving that construction crews head out to Colorado Boulevard to begin setting up the Grandstands, broadcasting booths and porta-potties. As there seems to be a growing global focus on individual and organizational sustainability efforts, I began to wonder what Tournament of Roses has done, and continues to do, to lower the economic impact of the Parade and Rose Bowl Game.

ps-rose-1I’ve been very curious about the Tournament of Roses’s sustainability efforts and was even more intrigued when I read on the Tournament of Roses’ Facebook page that the 2015 Rose Parade President was making an important announcement about an alternative fuel requirement for all floats in the 2015 Parade. After receiving the head’s up about that announcement, I went to the Tournament House, and was thrilled about what President Chinen had to say.


Learning that all floats for the 2015 and future Rose Parades have to run on alternative fuel sources, and that traditional fossil fuels were banned, is a huge step forward in the Tournament of Roses’ efforts to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious parade. I was so impressed with this decision and read even more about it in the brochure posted on their website.

I think this new initiative is attractive to many different outlets and will draw even more support for the Tournament and the Parade. Additionally, I think this comes as a positive strategic move for the Tournament’s new Chief Executive Officer. Overall, I’m glad to see an organization, so deeply rooted in tradition, making a modern and conscious effort to make new traditions. You can count on me to be proudly sitting on Colorado Boulevard on January 1st, ringing in the New Year and ringing in a new era of greener, more environmentally friendly Rose Parades.