Executive Committee Leadership


  • Richard L. Chinen, President, 2015 Tournament of Roses
  • Ira“Mike” Matthiessen, ExecutiveVP(2016 TOR President)
  • Brad Ratliff, Treasurer (2017 TOR President)
  • Lance M. Tibbet, Secretary (2018 TOR President)
  • Gerald K. Freeny, Vice President (2019 TOR President)
  • Laura V. Farber, Vice President (2020 TOR President)
  • Robert B. Miller, Vice President (2021 TOR President)
  • Amy Wainscott, Vice President (2022 TOR President)
  • R. Scott Jenkins, Past President
  • Jerome Cannon, At-Large
  • J. Michael Gin, At-Large
  • Barbara Kuntz, At-Large
  • Philip V. Orozco, At-Large
  • Laurie Stiver, At-Large

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